Andy with Ghanaian translators Michael_&Divine smallOur next dream is to see the last three languages of Ghana’s central Volta Region begin their own Bible translation program.  The men sitting next to Andy in the photo here are cluster program managers, Michael Serchie on the left and Divine Mununkum on the right.

Divine hopes to complete a translation in the Avatime language in the next few years.  He also wants to help Michael Serchie start a new cluster program in three languages adjacent to Avatime – Logba, Nyangbo and Tafi.

Michael has drawn up a plan to start these three New Testament projects with the help of experienced staff from the original Volta-Ghana project.  These Volta-Ghana staff also hope to begin their own Old Testament programs.  They may be helped by Lelemi OT translators who are scheduled to complete their Bible this year!

Would you join our prayer team for these nine languages?

1. Lelemi is completing the entire Bible in 2013, Lord willing.

2. Siwu, 3. Selee, 4. Sekpele, & 5. Tuwuli are starting their Old Testaments.

6. Avatime plans to complete the New Testament in 2015.

7. Logba, 8. Nyangbo, and 9. Tafi want to start their New Testaments in 2014.