Our SECOND book is now available. Looking Beyond tells about our second 20 years of marriage, and how our connection with prayer partners helped fulfill our call to Bible translation.

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Kate and I were hippies in 1972, living in a teepee in the mountains of Colorado. Discouraged, we returned to Florida where we’d first met.  There I (Andy) met a young man I’d known in school.  He asked me if I knew Jesus Christ and  I thought, “I wish he’d asked me if I were a Christian.  I could’ve said yes.”  But I thought, “Why lie to him?”  That night I asked Jesus to let me be his, and he came into my heart.  When I returned to where we were staying I couldn’t hide it from Kate.

The next morning she also faced Jesus and realized that her “righteousness was as filthy rags” – a verse she remembered from her Catholic upbringing.  She asked the Lord to come into her heart, and we felt his Spirit settle down over us!  Kate said, “I feel alive for the first time!”

For the next year and a half we soaked up God’s Word at an active church.  Then someone invited us to a banquet to learn about Bible translation. 

It was there that we heard there were people in the world without a word of Scripture in a language they could understand.  And there we also heard that God uses people just like us to provide funds for the work of Bible translation through Faith Promises.

In the months that followed we saw God provide all that we needed for our Faith Promise. And at the end of our commitment Kate and I were on the way to being trained as Bible translators ourselves!